Residential Surge Protection

In less than one second, a power surge can do thousands of dollars in damage to your electronic devices, appliances, entertainment systems, and computers—and could lead to a house fire. WIRED Electrical Contractors are surge protection experts offering high-value surge protection solutions for your entire home.

Causes of Electrical Surges

A power surge, also called a voltage surge, is caused by a spike in your home’s electrical flow. Powerful surges generate heat that burns out wires and electrical components, while continual small surges wear out electrical components and cause them to eventually fail. Damaging power spikes are triggered by a variety of internal and external sources, which may include:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Heavy storms
  • Downed power lines
  • Sudden increase in power from electrical utility
  • Cycling high-power machinery or devices on & off (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.)
  • Faulty home wiring

MA Power Surge Solutions

For your safety and peace of mind, WIRED owner Paul Crowley and his team of credentialed electricians provides surge protection solutions that meet your objectives and budget. While individual power strips can help protect individual appliances from damaging voltage surges, they are not effective for your entire home. Whole-house surge protectors increase your home’s resale value, protect electronic assets, and improve the safety of your electrical system. For your convenience, WIRED Electrical Contractors offers a full range of surge prevention services:

  • Electrical wiring troubleshooting
  • Power surge troubleshooting
  • Whole-house surge protection system
  • Panel-mounted surge protection
  • GFCI installation & repair
  • Home lightning protection
  • Surge arresters

Hire WIRED for Surge Protection Services

If you are concerned about damage due to past voltage spikes, or are preparing your home for unpredictable natural and manmade electrical surges, WIRED can help. Our licensed team of electricians will recommend the options that are best for your home, our team of electrical professionals has years of combined experience troubleshooting and repairing damage due to lightning strikes and internal power surges. Give us a call today: 508.667.9609. You can also fill out our online inquiry form and Paul Crowley and his WIRED team will be in touch promptly to solve your electrical problems.