Residential Generator Service & Installation

Generators protect your well-being, safety and productivity when storms and natural disasters disable your home’s electrical system. At WIRED Electrical, we ready your home so a portable generator can keep your family safe and comfortable when you need it most.

Bring in the Best to Prepare for the Worst

Weathering a hurricane or nor’easter is easier said than done, but it’s a lot less challenging when you’re fully prepared. We can upgrade your home’s electric system so you can switch to generator power at a moment’s notice.

First, our talented team will install a transfer switch in your electrical panel. This way, when you lose power, you can transfer your home’s electrical system from running off of the grid to running off of your generator. Once you flip the switch, the generator will power your home’s most essential circuits. Our friendly technicians will talk with you to figure out what’s critical to your home’s operation, such as lighting, refrigerators, your HVAC system, medical equipment and sump pumps.

We’ll then install an outlet outside of your home that connects your generator to the electrical panel. Once that’s in place, it’s just a matter of plugging the generator in and powering it up when blackouts rear their ugly heads.

Still unsure if you need a portable generator hookup? The benefits can far outweigh the cost of installation. Consider everything a generator offers, including:

  • Loss prevention. The expenses of a nasty blackout can grow out of control. Spoiled food, hotel bills, sump pump mishaps, frozen pipes. When things start to go wrong, the costs pile up quickly. In our area of the country, generators are a wise investment.
  • Peace of mind. For families with young children, aging residents or medically compromised individuals, the loss of heating, cooling and electricity can become a life-threatening situation. Portable generators provide peace of mind even when the grid goes down for hours or days.
  • User-friendly design. Generators used to be clunky, ugly and loud, but today’s models are much quieter and far more streamlined. Our electricians help simplify things even more with their reliable work.

Hire WIRED for Generator Services

If you are unsure about whether a portable generator is right for you and your home, the WIRED Electrical team can help you make an informed decision. Our licensed electricians can assess your load requirements, advise you on what size generator will best fit your needs and safely upgrade your home’s electrical panel to accommodate it. Generators require advanced installation skills and should never be viewed as a do-it-yourself project.

For an installation consultation, call 508.667.9609 or send us a message online. A member of our team will be in touch to schedule your appointment!