MA Home Outlet Repairs

Home outlet repairs should never be put off. Not only are they inconvenient and frustrating, but they also endanger family members and guests. Your broken outlet may work none of the time or some of the time; it may continually trip the breaker, or it may crackle when you plug in a device. If the broken outlet is a ground-fault interrupter circuit (GFCI), it is especially important to repair it since GFCIs prevent electrical shock and fatal electrocution.

Aging homes are prone to electrical problems. If you live in a home that is 40+ years old, WIRED Electrical Contractors will conduct a thorough electrical inspection, testing all outlets, switches, and receptacles. Many times older homes require updated wiring and outlets to comply with current electrical codes.

Outlet Repair Services

WIRED Electrical Contractors have decades of expertise and are outlet and home wiring repair specialists. Holding your safety and comfort as our highest priorities, we fix outlets, replace outlets, and install new outlets and GFCIs in any part of your home. And, before we begin work, we provide you with upfront pricing so your bill will never surprise you.

To avoid damaging your outlets day-to-day, remember to (1) plug prongs straight in rather than on an angle, and (2) avoid overloading outlets with surge protectors and multiple high-wattage appliances. When you need service for your home outlets, our MetroWest outlet repair services include:

  • Outlet repairs
  • Switch repairs
  • Outlet & switch installation
  • Electrical wiring repairs
  • GFCI repairs
  • Emergency electrical repairs

Hire WIRED for Residential Outlet Repairs

Electricity can be unpredictable and dangerous. If you believe that an outlet is broken, or an electrical short is present, call 508.667.9609 or fill out our brief, online form. Owner Paul Crowley is a master electrician and journeyman, and he will never send an unlicensed apprentice to your home to complete electrical work. Our value is incomparable, our client-focused service is a welcome change, and our team is familiar with the most up-to-date electrical code requirements. Don’t hesitate. Call today to schedule!